Things to Prepare when Traveling to Thailand

Vacation season is just around the corner and families are preparing on where to go and what to do. There are the obvious choices such as going to the beach or camping in the mountains. Some prefer the quite time and mental focus that you need to exert while doing different like skiing or hiking.  People who stay active often live longer, healthier lives.  Improved brain function, focus and mental clarity can greatly improve the quality of ones life. Others really take it up a notch by going one a week cruise in the Caribbean. However, if you have the time and money to spare, then best option is to travel. When it comes to vacations abroad, traveling to Thailand should be at the very top of everybody’s list.

Where to Go In Thailand

The Kingdom of Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia and is bordered by Laos, Malaysia, and Cambodia. It is a haven for travelers with its numerous sights, fantastic beaches, amazing food, breath-taking mountains, and extremely fascinating culture. It is both exotic and safe and there is always something for anyone regardless of tastes and budget.

Some of the more popular tourist destinations in Thailand are:

* Railay Beach – One of the best beaches in Thailand with its crystal clear waters and sandy, white beaches.
* Koh Phi Phi – One of Thailand’s most popular resort areas. Swim with the monkey’s at Monkey Beach.
* The Grand Palace, Bangkok – The number one tourist attraction in Bangkok.
* Chang Mai’s Sunday Night Walking Street – The place to go for cheap and delicious food. Have a taste of true Thai flavors.
* Pai – Temples, waterfalls, mountains, and delicious food.
* Kaho yai National Park – thinking of Thailand means Elephants. This is the place to see them in their natural habitat.

Things to Prepare for Traveling

If you’re ready to go traveling to Thailand, then there are a couple of things that you need to prepare first. Since this is a country that is entirely different from what you are accustomed to, you might end up being shocked so it is best to ready a couple of things.

* It is best to travel light. The country is very humid so don’t carry too much luggage as it will only make the heat worst.

* Pack toiletries especially tissues. You’ll notice that Thailand is severely lacking when it comes to napkins. Also, while the food may be delicious, there will always be one or two items that won’prepare for thailandt agree with your stomach so it is best to be always prepared.

*If you take any supplements I highly recommend bringing what you can with you.  I use supplements to improve my mental focus pretty much daily.  The cost of supplements in other countries can be pricey.   Alpha Brain vs. Focus Factor are my primary brands.  I often wait for coupons and try to buy in bulk.

* Bottled water is a must. While the food is good, drinking water is a bit questionable. It is best to buy bottled water even if it costs a bit rather than spend your entire vacation in the bathroom or, worse, the hospital.

* Eat cheap by trying the street foods. If you want to taste what Thai cuisine really, street food is the way to go. It saves you a ton of money as well and will be the some of the most delicious things you will ever eat.

Different Sights, Different Cultures

The world is a huge place and even for the well-traveled, they’ve probably seen less than half and experienced less than a quarter. Going to a different country is a very good experience as you get to experience sights, sounds, aromas, tastes, and cultures that you have never seen before. The world is such a diverse place and is teeming with different people and experiences. If we stay cooped up in our own little place, we’ll be seeing the same things over and over.

I Am Going To Thailand

I’ve been dreaming about this day for this trip for the past nine months.  I am so excited to finally be able to hop on a plane and go to thailand.  I’ve been fantasizing about doing some travel for the past 3 years, and I am so excited that I finally made the commitment and jumped in.

Thailand seemed like the ideal destination for extended travel for a number of reasons.

Cost of Living

Staying in Thailand can be cheap.  I’ve been chatting with others in forums, and facebook groups about this.  Apparently it is easy to be able to live like a King in Thailand for about 1,000 US dollars a month!  That is pretty ridiculous!  I doubt there are many desirable places in the US I could go and enjoy myself for that much.

I am hoping once I am there I can find some housing, by chatting with locals and others traveling.  But, in the meantime I am going to use VRBO to try and find some lodging for arrival.  It’s a long trip so I want to make sure I’ve got a pillow to lay my head when I arrive.

DIgital Entrepreneur

I’ve been really interested in starting my own business for somtime now.  I am so fascinated by people who have made a jump into digital entrepreneurship.  There are so many different avenues one could take to start building a business and thus extend their travel.  I don’t think I will be able to leave my day job after this trip, but I am hoping I am that I will meet some folks who can give me a little more knowledge on where to begin.

Check out some of these video I’ve been watching lately about Thailand.  These are the only things that have been helping me get through work each day.  I am so close to getting on that plane, but it feels like it is an eternity away!

Awesome documentary about a guy who spends 10 days traveling in Thailand.

Ten Places You Must See In Thailand

Keep following me on my journey to Thailand.  I am super excited to document my journey and convince you how you should save up, and make the trip come true!